Friday, June 1, 2012

My Summer Vacation

This summer I have very many plans. I'm hoping for very warm weather, so that I can go to the beach almost everyday. I love the beach, and I love swimming in the cool ocean water. I plan on laying out my giant beach towel and getting a much needed tan. Then, when I am too hot, I will go for a refreshing swim. Body surfing, swimming, and diving through the big waves are all things that I will be doing in the water. I will play smash ball and volleyball with friends, and eat cheese burgers and ice cream. One of the things I am looking forward to the most is riding my bike down the boardwalk.

Another big plan I have for summer is to celebrate 4th of July. I usually go to a block party with friends. There's always games, swimming, and of course fireworks! Sometimes I will even get my face painted. I love this holiday because for some reason I always have so much fun every year. I am excited to celebrate it again this summer.

Over summer I know for a fact that I will be going to Knott's Berry Farm a lot because I just got my new season pass. This means that I can go whenever I want for free! Knott's is one of my favorite theme parks, so I am very excited about this. Also, Soak City is right next door to Knott's, so if I get too hot,  I can just walk over to the water park!

One more thing that I have planned for this summer is to go to Boston, Massachusetts to see a bunch of my family that lives out there. I am very excited for this because I never get to see my family out there more than once a year. Most of my cousins out there are either my age or younger, so there's always a bunch of kids running around having fun. We always go swimming and eat a lot of good food and just spend a lot of happy times together. Also, we always spend a weekend up at the lake in New Hampshire, which is pretty much my favorite part of the whole trip. All of us go swimming and tubing out on the boat, and we barbecue a lot too! 

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