Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assignment 16

 This was a very interesting article. Before, I never knew which states were the more peaceful ones. I never would have guessed that Louisiana is the least peaceful state, and I didn't expect to find out that California has actually improved. Learning about Louisiana being so bad makes me not want to live there at all. Even though Maine is the most peaceful, I still wouldn't want to live there because it sounds like such a  boring state. I love living here in California, so finding out that its peace rate has actually improved is just another reason for me to stay here!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Assignment 5- Me In 5 Years

My whole life I've thought every day about what I want to do as an adult. From the time I was little up until now, the specifics on my career ideas have changed, but the general goal hasn't, which is to be successful.  Right now I am a sophomore in high school and just started attending Back Bay High School. So far, I can already tell that this school is really going to help me get my credits up so that I have a stronger chance at fulfilling my goals when I'm older. I want to get all of my credits completely caught up as soon as possible because I have a goal to graduate on time. In 5 years, I want to already be attending a 4 college so that I can earn a degree in business. Then one day I can skillfully open a business of my own, and also help my dad run his business. 5 years from now, I should be getting paid, because I plan to have some kind of job, and also I know that my parents will always be there to help me if I need it. Although it will all take hard work and effort, I am very excited to continue on with high school and eventually earn something for myself in life.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Assignment 3 Your Favorite Thing

When I'm at home, I love sitting out on my balcony at night and looking at all of the stars in the sky. Stars have always been something I thought were beautiful, and I never get tired of gazing at all of them. Outer space is so amazing and mysterious. It's filled with wonderful planets and stars. Looking up at the night sky never fails to take my breath away, and sometimes I even wonder if there's life out there, besides life on Earth. The uncountable number of stars look like holes punched into a dark midnight canvas. I cant really think of a more fascinating sight. Sometimes when I'm out on my balcony, I'll see a shooting star fly down from the night sky, and I've never failed to make a wish on every single one I witnessed. I love looking for constellations, and I even love reading about what they mean and what they're called. The stars are something that caught my eye early on, and have left a great impression on me.


Assignment 1 Bio

My name is Ashley Forbes. I'm left handed. I'm blonde. My favorite color is pink.