Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Assignment 3 Your Favorite Thing

When I'm at home, I love sitting out on my balcony at night and looking at all of the stars in the sky. Stars have always been something I thought were beautiful, and I never get tired of gazing at all of them. Outer space is so amazing and mysterious. It's filled with wonderful planets and stars. Looking up at the night sky never fails to take my breath away, and sometimes I even wonder if there's life out there, besides life on Earth. The uncountable number of stars look like holes punched into a dark midnight canvas. I cant really think of a more fascinating sight. Sometimes when I'm out on my balcony, I'll see a shooting star fly down from the night sky, and I've never failed to make a wish on every single one I witnessed. I love looking for constellations, and I even love reading about what they mean and what they're called. The stars are something that caught my eye early on, and have left a great impression on me.


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