Friday, June 15, 2012

Make It Interesting

I really love cats. I love cats so much that I actually have 4 of them. I love them all very much. One of them is really fat and gray, but her paws and the area around her mouth are white so it looks like she was walking in milk and has a milk mustache. Her name is Sarah. Like I said, she is super fat and never misses a meal! She eats a lot more than my other cats. Technically she belongs to my moms boyfriend since he had her first. She is older, and she can't meow! We don't know why she can't, but it's really funny watching her move her mouth and have no sound come out. She gets angry very easily and can hiss and purr, but for whatever reason she cannot meow!

Another one of my cats is also gray. This one has tan all over it, and it has the prettiest green eyes ever. We named her Mysti. Out of all of my cats, this one is probably the most lovable and affectionate. She's so adorable, and I could cuddle with her for hours. Sometimes I will let her sleep with me at night. My favorite thing about this cat is that it will talk to people. Whenever I meow at her, she will meow back. When you pick her up, you have to be careful though, because if she gets scared while you're holding her, she will dig her claws into you and it'll hurt really bad.

My other cat, who is actually Mysti's sister, is named Luna. She is black and has tan spots. This cat is friendly, but has always liked to hide. She's scared easily, especially of new people. We adopted her and Mysti from a pet store a few years ago, and ever since we got her, she's always liked to hide under beds and in closets and stuff. If she is in your room at night when you're trying to sleep, sometimes she will hope onto your bed and cuddle with you so much that it actually gets annoying!

The last cat, who is also the youngest and is my favorite, is named Spoofy. One day when I was younger, I was in my backyard jumping on my trampoline with a friend. I looked over at a tree near the trampoline and I saw a kitten in it! I reached over and grabbed her, and she was so scared that her hair was all puffed up. I decided to call her Spoofy, and asked my mom if we could keep her, and we have had her ever since. She's always been a wild cat, although she's smaller than all my other cats. She is notorious for bringing little animals into our house. She's constantly bringing in birds and lizards, and one time she somehow managed to get a bunny twice her size into our bathtub! We used to try and keep all of our cats indoors so that they wouldn't get killed by coyotes, but we couldn't keep this cat inside! Whenever we'd open a door, she'd bolt out. I've loved this little cat from day one and always will.

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