Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Assignment- Domestic Violence

Because I was not at the assembly regarding domestic violence today, I went to the Laura's House website and read about the topic. I also happened to catch the last few minutes of the assembly. She was telling different stories about girls as well as guys that have died from domestic violence. I was shocked and saddened at all that I heard.
There are so many more people suffering from domestic violence than I ever would have imagined. What is worse to me, is that the main reason a lot of these deaths take place is because one person in the relationship simply broke up with the other. That is so scary and my jaw dropped when that was brought to my attention. So many tragedies involving domestic violence have occurred that it really makes me re-think how I might end things with a future boyfriend if things go wrong.
The scariest part is how un-recognized and ignored this issue is. It amazes me at how big and widespread a problem like domestic violence can be, yet there is so little awareness and not enough being done to put an end to it. I feel so sorry for all of those people that had their lives taken or were hurt by domestic violence. I can only imagine what it must be like to take that sort of abuse, and how hard it must be on the families and friends of the victims.
Although there clearly is not enough being done about this issue, I still give much credit to shelters like the Laura's House Shelter. They are not only aware of the issue, but they seem to want to genuinely help those who have been harmed by domestic violence. It's so kind and generous of them to take in all those hurt women and their children and help them. Domestic violence is definitely a huge issue, but this shelter has helped at least some of the people that had no where else to turn.

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